Up North, the trio’s brand new album, represents going home, to the northern part of The Netherlands, where Langedijk was born. To develop the compositions for this album, guitarist Langedijk and bassist Pannekeet spent the summer in Wedgeview Studio, located in the green heart of The Netherlands. A region that a century and a half ago was much loved by painters from The Hague, they found their inspiration for the particular sky, light and water. Distant from crowds, the two created this 6th album in peace. This unique collaboration resulted in a number of compositions that defines the band more than ever.


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Watch the EPK of the new trio album ‘Up North’ here:

(Release: Feb. 2017)

Gerridae, from the album Up North



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Release Concert UP NORTH

Last Sunday (Feb. 19th) we had a ball playing our UP NORTH release concert. We had a full house @ Splendor, Amsterdam. Thanks to everybody who came out to hear & see us play, amazing! You’ll get an impression of the event by watching these foto’s of Rob Sloot:  ...

AllAboutJazz & JazzHalo about UP NORTH

AllAboutJazz.com: By BUDD KOPMAN February 17, 2017  One of the hallmarks of a truly creative jazz musician is that his or her musical vision is immediately identifiable, and guitarist Tim Langedijk is one of those players. His trio’s latest album, Up North is a marvelous document of his elegance, intensity, surprising musical choices and understated technique. When combined with the equally subtle playing of bassist Udo Pannekeet and drummer Hans Van Oosterhout, the music on the album almost glows in the dark. Everything has been honed and polished to a high sheen, with not a jot misplaced, and yet it all sounds completely natural and deeply heartfelt. The trio has been together since 2012 and the album November. Since then, there has been the digital-only release Standards 1 in 2013, followed by Acenja in 2014. Langedijk and Pannekeet have been musical compatriots going back to at least 2008. The “north” of the title refers to the northern part of the Netherlands where both Langedijk and Pannekeet were born and whence they returned, spending the summer creating the seven original compositions on the album. Of those, four are co-written, with two by Langedijk and one by Pannekeet. This serene countryside infuses the sound of the album, which feels like it comes directly from the souls of the members of the trio. Langedijk’s very Telecaster-ish sound is vaguely related to a mix of John Abercrombie and Bill Frisell in his use of a light touch with high amplification, reverb and sonic swells, but he also adds in a touch of American country with hints of the Blues. Pannekeet’s bass sound is light and lean which fits both his own singing style and that of Langedijk, while Van Oosterhout...

DJAZZ.TV Iconic Jazz Portrait

Dutch TV channel DJAZZ.TV broadcasted an interview with Tim. The interview is part of the Iconic Jazz Portrait series. You can watch it here.

Radio6 Soul&Jazz UP NORTH interview

The NPO Radio6 Soul&Jazz station will do a broadcast today with Tim about the new album UP NORTH. It will feature some new tracks of the upcoming album + an interview with Tim about the making of the album + talk about the trio, influences and other stuff. Here’s the link:

TLT @ Vrije Geluiden Radio

TLT performed @ the ‘Night of Jazz’ in Wageningen. The concert was broadcasted by VPRO’s Vrije Geluiden, Radio 6. New work can be heard, which is not released yet. For more info and audio you can visit the website of the VPRO, click HERE For a video check the VIDEO SECTION...

@ the Drom

Last Sunday we played @ the Drommedaris, Enkhuizen. The building has been renovated, and turned into a great venue. It’s always nice to come back and play in the Drom + we had a full house. Here are some photo’s made by Rob...

Jazz in Duketown

We had a ball playing @ Jazz in Duketown this weekend. This festival has a great vibe. People enjoy music at various venues all over the city. Here are some photo’s made by Donata van de...

Breda Jazz, Lutheran Church

Last Saturday we played @ the Lutheran Church of Breda Jazz Festival, which was great. The trio sound was nice, big and transparant in this great church. Thanks to all the people who were at the concert. Hope to see you at the next concert: Jazz in Duketown in...

New reviews

The new album ‘Açenja’ received some rave reviews and critics from all over the world. Read them below.   The Tim Langedijk Trio may be the master manipulators of the own lyrical road less traveled. Never one to allow the self imposed limitations of genre hold his artistic voice in check, Tim Langedijk may be one of the two or perhaps three best guitarists that have crossed my desk this year. Acenja is a stunning and almost ambient exploration moving from a bold color palette to more open ended soundscapes while never losing touch or mangling the compositional melody within each composition. Delightfully subtle with a meticulously nuanced harmonic approach. Bassist Udo Pannekeet is a member of the first hour. In 2011 drummer Hans van Oosterhout joined the trio. The first two albums (Testimonials, 2008 and Inside The House, 2010) were critically acclaimed. “His view of music is in line with what John Abercrombie and Bill Frisell set in motion,” said the magazine Jazzism. Contemporary jazz that branches out into fusion and country, it’s all possible with Langedijk, yet always with a lovely tone and refined movements. The above quote was creatively acquired from the web site and done so in an attempt to give one the finest artistic base from which to evaluate and even compare the music of Acenja. “Benny’s Bubble” may be the signature tune that focuses on this small collective that functions with a lyrical sense of purpose that is more closely associated with a larger ensemble. A deconstructed swing with a syncopated pop. Clean and precise lines camouflage a harmonic approach that is uniquely Langedijk. “After Midnight” a...


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