Tim Langedijk Trio – Up North


1. Current · 8:45
2. Gerridae · 4:38
3. Song of Secrets · 6:44
4. Flor Ane · 5:07
5. Noodle For Tom · 2:48
6. Up North · 5:20
7. Mystics · 3:00
8. Status · 3:34
9. Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out To Dry · 3:15

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It is quite clear from this 6th album Up North how the trio has grown in the past 10 years. The album title Up North represents going home, to the northern part of The Netherlands, where Langedijk was born. To develop the compositions for this album, guitarist Langedijk and bassist Pannekeet spent the summer in Wedgeview Studio, located in the green heart of The Netherlands. A region that a century and a half ago was much loved by painters from The Hague, they found their inspiration for the particular sky, light and water. Distant from crowds, the two created this 6th album in peace. This unique collaboration resulted in a number of compositions that defines the band more than ever.



Distinctive for this album is the way the six-string bass and the guitar complement each other melodically and harmonically; an element that has grown tremendously in the past years. The album is recorded in the Wedgeview Studio and mixed by Langedijk and Pannekeet themselves. The mastering was done by the legendary Greg Calbi, at Sterling Sound, New York.

Langedijk and Pannekeet first met during a session. They connected immediately; they had an interest in and a vision for music that was very similar. Both musicians come from the northern part of The Netherlands, and both play instruments from the legendary Luthier Piet Visser from Egmond. Pannekeet has been a member of the trio since the very beginning, playing with the band now more than ten years.

triowedgeview1With the arrival of drummer Van Oosterhout, their musical potential has grown: ‘Hans gives lots of energy; his playing has groove and a powerful drive. The combination of this and Pannekeet’s adventurous yet melodic bass playing provides a strong tandem rhythm.’ says Langedijk. ‘The frequency with which we perform together has led to a mutual respect and trust, allowing us to have this musical adventure together.’ Up North is the fourth album with Van Oosterhout.



EPK Up North:


Tim Langedijk, guitar
Udo Pannekeet, bass
Hans van Oosterhout, drums

Release: 2017
Produced by Tim Langedijk & Udo Pannekeet
Recorded at Wedgeview Studio, Woerdense Verlaat, The Netherlands
Mixed by Tim Langedijk & Udo Pannekeet
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, New York, NY
Design by Maurits Weebers